Sports physio is a specialised field of physiotherapy which deals with issues related specifically to sport and exercise.

Athletes have specific needs and require a different approach to management than the general population. Sports physio's have further training in these needs and are able get athletes over their injuries and in condition to participate in their chosen sport faster and with less risk of further injury.

At Inpsire Physio we have extensive experience working with the athletic population. From the individual athlete to managing teams at international and local level.

Whether you are an aspiring athlete and are having trouble getting over a frustrating injury or you are a sporting club or organisation looking to minimise the number of games lost due to injury for your team, get in touch and Inspire Physiotherapy will tailor a program specific to your needs.

At Inpsire Physiotherapy Centre we offer the following services to athletes and clubs:

  • Sport specific musculoskeletal screenings

    • Rubgy (league and union)​

    • AFL

    • Soccer

    • Swimming

    • Rowing

    • Netball

    • Basketball

    • Tennis

    • Surfing/surf life saving

    • Pre pointe ballet 

    • Dancing

  • Individual injury management 

  • Injury prevention programs for sporting clubs

  • On-field medical coverage for teams

  • Education sessions for coaches re injury prevention, strapping etc

Call or text us on 0400 163 609 to have a chat about how we can help you reach your sporting goals.